Alloy Wheel refurbishment

There are many reasons to choose to have alloy wheels refurbished, not least of which is to improve the resale value of the car when time comes for it to be offered for sale. Damaged alloy wheels also make the whole vehicle look untidy and are undesirable to almost all drivers.

Alloy wheel damage is typically caused by kerbing the wheel as well as corrosion, paint delamination and stone chips. It is almost inevitable that the wheels will suffer some sort of damage through the lifetime of the car they are attached to.

With a damaged alloy wheel the customer is faced with few options to restore the original factory colour and shine. Either use a traditional car body shop or main dealer, who will often recommend replacement, or go to an alloy wheel repair specialist like us. The benefits of using a mobile smart repair company are multiple:

  • The wheels can be refurbished to a factory standard with the minimum of hassle.

  • The cost is much, much lower than buying a replacement wheel.

  • The time taken to refurbish a single alloy wheel is around two hours, to refinish four wheels at the same time takes four to five hours.

  • Alloy repairs can be carried out at the customer’s home or workplace and a same-day service is usually available.